Cremation Options

There are many . . .

Many people believe that if you choose cremation, you can't have a funeral. Not so. In reality, a family that prefers cremation can still arrange for a personalized commemoration that includes all of the elements of a traditional funeral, including an open casket.

Prefer a church service? No problem. We can arrange to hold a service at your place of worship with either a person's full body or cremated remains.

Don't want a formal service? Again, no problem. Many families just want to have open visiting hours for friends and family to gather, remember, and pay respects, with or without the body present.

Our job is to not only explain all the things you can do, but also help you eliminate the things you don't want so that together, we can arrive at an arrangement that is appropriate for you, your family, and your loved one. No two people are alike, so no two funerals are alike.