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Self Care

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” - Etty Hillesum

What is Self-Care?

What is Self-Care?

When you experience a loss, it is easy to find yourself wrapped up in everyone else’s emotions – to be pulled in many directions. The constant stream of people offering their condolences, the overwhelming rush of everyday activities, and the stress of arranging a funeral can be a lot to handle. You may have the urge to be strong for those around you, and while this is a normal reaction, it is important to care for yourself as well.

Do activities that give you peace of mind. Enjoy nature? Take a walk around the park and stop once in a while to take in your surroundings. Enjoy writing? Consider keeping a journal handy as you find yourself in places that may trigger memories of your loved one, allowing you to record how you are feeling. You can also use this journal as a safe place to express your feelings. Find the activity that works for you and allow yourself space to sort through your feelings, even after the funeral. 

Be patient with yourself, especially during the holiday season. Grief is not resolved within a week or a month or a year. In fact, it’s not ever “resolved.” You will always feel the loss of your loved one, but with time, you will be able to adjust to a world without that person in it. You will have moments of ups and downs, but reminding yourself the importance of taking a breath in between those moments is just one step in the right direction.

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